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Sens Army

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Sens Fans
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Fans of the NHL's Ottawa Senators
Welcome to ottawa_senators, the home base of Sens Army here on LiveJournal. It's all Sens, all the time - everything from news, player moves, pictures, videos, trade rumours, articles and discussion to game previews and game recaps to Alfie's hair (or lack thereof). Basically, if it relates to your Ottawa Senators you can probably find it here. Join up, jump in, meet your fellow Sens Army foot soldiers, and have fun!

As with all communities, there are some simple rules:

1. Please keep all posts Sens-related. If it doesn't have to do with the Ottawa Senators, even tangentially, it will be deleted.

2. Please be sensible and considerate when posting pictures and videos. Anything more than one pic or video must be put under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do a cut, please click here. If you post anything huge, bandwidth killing, or otherwise inappropriate you will be gently reminded of the rules and asked to edit your post.

3. Personal attacks, either on players or other members, will not be tolerated. We all have opinions, but please try to keep discussion civil. (For example, saying something like, "Spezza played horribly tonight, I can't believe he missed that pass!" is okay, but "Spezza played horribly tonight, someone should go kick his dog and egg his house!" is most definitely not.)

4. That goes for flaming as well. Please take the drama elsewhere; we don't want to see it here.

5. Due to numerous recent spam attacks, this community has been placed on moderated posting until further notice. ALL posts will be viewed by the moderator before they appear on the main page, and those having to do with the Ottawa Senators, coaches, players, news etc. will be automatically approved as soon as possible. Posts containing spam will be discarded and their authors banned from the community without notice. This is NOT meant as a measure to censor anyone or bar anyone from posting; rather, it is necessary to protect the community and its members from spam that often contains malicious links.

6. Try to keep the swearing to a minimum. We've all been known to drop an occasional f-bomb, but using it after every other word or in place of punctuation is off-putting.

Rule violations will be met with a warning, and a reminder of the pertinent rule. After three such warnings, the offending user may be banned.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please contact andie_pants via personal message or the community email (sensarmy.lj@gmail.com), and she'll be happy to help you out.
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This community was created in 2003. That year we had our inaugural Prediction game. Think you know the team that well? Then join up and get to work! All the info on how to play is located in this post.

Inaugural year 2003-2004 Winner was tyches_echo!

There was no 2004-2005 game due to the lockout.

2005-2006 winner was giggles_19!

2006-2007 winner was sens_rule!

2007-2008 winner was lockz!

2008-2009 winner was summerstar18!

2009-2010 winner was obsessed_meg!
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